We Buy Land
In Costilla County, Colorado
We Pay Cash If you have land in Costilla County and are interested in selling it. We can handle the closing and all the paperwork ourselves in a simple manner.  

​Depending on the type of property and the area, we will consider purchasing from 5 to 35 acre parcels in Costilla County, Colorado.   STEP 1 Submit the form on our Contact page and give us as much information as you can in terms of the Unit, Block and Lot of the land, or if you don't know it off-hand, provide your last name so we can look it up on the county records.  We will evaluate your property based on the location and its potential. We will check your ownership and the tax status of the land

​ We will make you an offer, based on our evaluation of the potential of your land, its location, view of the surrounding mountains, accessibility, elevation, slope, etc. The amount we offer might be less than you paid for it - but we are re-sellers. We try to be fair. Our offers are usually comparable to what you might realize if you listed it with a Realtor and deducted their fees, but there is no waiting with us. "Valley lots" will typically sell for one half of a similarly sized treed lot. If we like it, we will purchase it from you within 10-30 days for cash. We use email, phone, or fax. If you accept our offer, we will proceed

 We will send you a signed PURCHASE AGREEMENT and Earnest Money to show our intent to follow through. You will need to sign the PURCHASE AGREEMENT as well and return it to us. We will send you either a Warranty Deed or a Quit Claim Deed which you will need to sign and notarize and return to us. Upon receipt of that document, we will send you the balance of the money we agreed on.

 We will record your Deed in the appropriate county and pay the recording fees. The county will transfer the property into our name. You are welcome to ask for references; we buy at least one or two per month from people who contact us in this manner and all have had positive experiences. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONWe prepare all the paperwork required for your transaction and pay with cashier's checks . We have bought land in our area from individuals in several foreign countries, without any problems. We have wired money to Europe, Asia, etc. If property is held jointly, and one spouse deceased, there is usually no problem in selling such property. But if it does not say "joint, or JTWROS"and one spouse is deceased, property was held as "tenants in common" and that means the property has to go through Colorado probate, which is costly and takes 3-6 months. The same probate law applies to single individuals that are deceased. We are experienced in transferring joint properties where one of the owners is deceased or the land is in the name of a trust or estate

 WE DO NOT PURCHASE LAND in the areas shown below in Black because we do not have maps for these areas and we prefer to stay in Sangre de Cristo Ranches and Forbes Park.
San Luis Valley Ranches, San Luis Valley Estates, Rio Grande Ranches, Mount Blanca Valley Ranches, Mount Blanca Valley Estates, Trinchera Creek Estates,T op of the World (TOW)Wildhorse Mesa, or any other county except Costilla County
This is just personal preference on our part. In the last few years we have reduced the areas that we like in order to keep our inventory lower.