We Buy Land
In Costilla County, Colorado

We do not purchase property in any subdivisions other than SDCR, SLVR, or Forbes Park.  We can still help you sell lands in other subdivisions, check our About us page.  

We have been receiving offer letters as often as several times a week from people hoping to buy our land from us at rock bottom prices.  Some offer as little as $500 for five acres of land that I might  buy from you for $5,000.  Please don't fall for this swindle.  Even if I don't want your property, I will give you a a realistic idea of what it is worth on the open market. Each parcel is different, of course, but please check with me. 

If you have land in Costilla County and are interested in selling it, we pay cash and handle the closing and all the paperwork ourselves in a simple manner.  Depending on the type of property and the area, we will consider purchasing from 5 to 35 acre parcels in Costilla County, Colorado,